Mastro Tango
Tango Dancer, DJ & Event Organizer

Who am I?

My name is Sylvain Mastrogiovanni, alias "El Mastro".
I am tango dancer, DJ and event organizer.

I discovered tango in a documentary on TV, called "Ad occhi Chiusi", in August 2015 and I literally fell in love with the music and dance.

It totally changed my life. At that time I was living in Nice, France, but I left everything behind and moved to Barcelona to learn and immerse myself into the dance of tango.

So, first and foremost, I am a tango dancer.

But, you can't dance to tango music without understanding it. So, I started downloading tango tracks and listening to it as often as possible, and adapt my dancing accordingly.

Then, later on, after having danced in many, many milongas, I started thinking of organizing my own, which I did during a few months in Perpignan, France. 
Since I had no budget for paying a DJ, I decided to do it myself… and this was the starting point of a longer history... 

After France, I moved to Santa Cruz de Tenerfie, where I organized my own milongas, opened a bar dedicated to tango, and launched a new festival, the "Tenerife Tango Meeting", in 2018.
In 2019, I also launched the "Alicante Tango Meeting", and I have some other projects in preparation.